The Sarahian Genocide

In the year 2033 Sarah Tunnell will have created the ultimate performance piece known to mankind. There will be a “Sarahian” Genocide to take place on the planet Mars. “Sarahian”, is the race of clones she will develop over twenty-five years beginning on July 27th 2008 when she turns 25 years of age. The clones will occur approximately every 36.5 days averaging 100 clones per year. In July 2033 the “army” will consist of 2,500 clones of the original Sarah Tunnell. Clones will be branded on their lower underarm with their clone number followed by expected age upon July 27, 2033. These numbers will be their only source of identify. These clones are not considered humans; they have no human rights, as they are owned by Sarah Tunnell, such that of slaves, and will be forced to labor as she decides over the next twenty-five years. They are in fact entirely controlled, as nuerotechnology in the form of mind control will be heavily used. To upkeep their health, nanotechnology will be used to delay ageing and any form of sickness as well as help with upkeep of their entirely vegan diet.

Clonaid, a company founded by His Holiness Rael, was founded in 1997 and is the only company to date that offers cloning options to the general public. Rael is the spiritualizer leader of the Rael Movement, the world’s largest UFO-related organization. In the past years, Clonaid has already successfully cloned over fifteen babies. His Holiness predicts that over the next twenty years this process will be so mainstream that we may live the rest of our eternal lives in a computer. As a member of the Rael movement, Sarah Tunnell holds al her faith in His Holiness.

Like the Rael Movement, the organization known as the Mars Society  also suggests a huge jump for human kind over the next twenty years. It is projected that sooner than twenty years, human life will exist on Mars. Mars will allow a new world where humans may shed their baggage of Earth. This exploration can only greaten the chance for science and technological advancement. It will benefit generations to come, as well as those not yet created, the Martians

On July 21, 2033, the clones will be informed of their coming trip to Mars, yet they will still not know the trip’s purpose. On this date, they will each receive a cloned cat from one and will be given the key to neurotechnology to advance their cat. It will be suggested that they force this cat into an evil mindset, which they will do as it is suggested by Ruler Sarah. This cat will be their only weapon once they set foot on the playing field, and thus the more rage the cat has, better their luck for survival. The clones will have 5 days to train their cat

On July 27, 2033, the spectators of the performance will arrive on Mars. There may only be 500 guests in total. The clones will be told of the Genocide only after they enter the playing field with their caged cat at 8:oo A.M. EST (Earth). They must then fight to the death. The spectators will watch from bleachers situated 75 yards away, protected by a glass fence. Once all the clones are dead, except one, it will be crowned the “Queen of the Genocide”. Sarah Tunnell will step down from her podium and stab “the Queen” in the heart killing it. Sarah Tunnell will then slit her own throat only after declaring herself the ultimate “Sarahian”.

For the Sarahian Genocide to be a success, a lot of funding is needed. It is estimated that the cost could run as high as 3.5 billion dollars. Become a member of the Sarahian Genocide Clanship Today!

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